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In this version of the Cyclefit software you can no longer enter measurements from 01-05-2024. If you do not yet have a login for the updated software, please contact

Why CycleFit

Many cyclists are looking for the best bike position to help them feel more comfortable during a long ride. A lot of them are unable to find this optimal position and therefore suffer unnecessarily from different complaints for many miles dues to poorly fit frames and adjustments. Unfortunately this is not only valid for road bikes, but also people riding mountain bikes, commuter bikes and even city bikes may experience the same issues Also, often used basic rules of thumb adjustments like underarm length in order to determine stem length or heel to pedal in order to determine saddle height can lead to incorrect adjustments.

Scientific research has come a long way in the last few years. Both biomechanics and physiology are used to analyze the results of many measurements and practical tests. From that, one could determine the final posture and position. CycleFit combines biomechanics and ergonomic guidelines in order to increase comfort and efficiency. With CycleFit, one can determine precise fit data with one simple and reliable program.

CycleFit is an independent advice program that is not linked to any frame or component manufacturer. test